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What is the Dapper Wallet Fee? Will Dapper really take 44% of my $1 sale?
This is not a Flowty fee. The Dapper Wallet Fee is a fee assessed and collected by Dapper Labs on all Dapper Balance secondary transactions. The fee is calculated as the greater of: i) 1% of Purchase Price and ii) $0.44.
In short, the minimum Dapper Wallet Fee is $0.44 and it will never be lower than 1% of an NFT sale price. Users can avoid this fee by using any of the other currencies available on Flowty outside of Dapper Balance.
Here is a chart showing the Dapper Wallet Fee at various NFT sale prices (Dapper Balance only):
Dapper Wallet Fee at various NFT sale prices
Do secondary marketplace listings ever expire?
Yes. To ensure users do not forget about listings, and in an effort to keep the secondary marketplace current and reduce clutter, listings will expire after 30 days.
Why can't I list my NFT in USDC / FLOW / Dapper Balance / Dapper FLOW?
Users will only be able to list NFTs in currencies/tokens that are supported by the wallet they used to connect to Flowty. As an example, if a user would like to list an NFT in Dapper Balance, the user must be connected to Flowty via a Dapper Wallet. Learn more in our post about Supported Crypto Wallets.
What is the difference between FLOW and Dapper FLOW?
While worth the same amount, FLOW and Dapper FLOW are not the exact same. Dapper Wallets cannot store traditional crypto tokens. Instead, Dapper Wallets support something called Flow Utility Token or FUT that represents FLOW tokens (think poker chip). For simplicity, we refer to FUT as "Dapper FLOW" on Flowty.
Please note:
  • Dapper Flow can only be used when connected to Flowty with a Dapper Wallet
  • FLOW can only be used when connected to Flowty with a Non-Dapper Wallet
How do I transfer an NFT from my Blocto wallet to my NBA Top Shot account (Dapper Wallet)?
You can transfer an NFT directly on Flowty's profile page. Navigate to your Profile (via the dropdown menu), select an NFT, click "Send", input your Dapper Wallet address and press Submit.
How do I delist an NFT?
Navigate to your Profile. Filter by "Buy Now". Select the bottom half (will prompt a quick-action pop-up) and click "Delist".
Can I list my NFT in multiple secondary marketplaces?
Yes. Flowty does not withdraw your NFT from your wallet when you make a new secondary marketplace listing.
What is FMV?
FMV stands for Fair Market Value. As of May 2023, we have added FMV to all NBA Top Shot and NFL All Day listings. The FMV is powered by OwnTheMoment's True Value Model.
How can I add a Discount Badge to my listing?
In order for a glowing green Discount Badge to appear on your listing, your listing must be AT LEAST 5% discounted from the FMV. During the listing process, the badge will appear in the preview when you enter a listing 5% or more below FMV.