Supported Tokens

DISCLAIMER: This post contains references to independent products and platforms. Flowty cannot guarantee the safety or security of user assets or information when using these products or platforms.

Dapper Wallet

Flowty has added Dapper Wallet support for secondary marketplace transactions. As of now, Dapper Wallet is not compatible with Flowty Loans or Rentals.

Dapper Wallet cannot store traditional crypto tokens. Instead, Dapper Wallet can store the following:

  1. Dapper Balance - a currency that represents US Dollars. Dapper Balance cannot be used outside of Dapper Wallet transactions.

  2. Flow Utility Token (FUT) - a currency that represents FLOW tokens. Throughout Flowty, we refer to FUT as Dapper FLOW for simplicity's sake. Though they are equivalent from a value standpoint, Dapper FLOW is not the same as FLOW tokens.

One way to think of Dapper Balance and Dapper FLOW is that they are similar to poker chips in that they represent other currencies but cannot be used outside of Dapper Wallet.

Outside of Dapper Wallet, we support the following fungible tokens (all Flow blockchain based):

Stablecoins (pegged to USD):


Non-Stablecoins (fluctuating USD value):

$FLOW (Note: in this post, FLOW is the token, Flow is the blockchain)

No Longer Supporting:

$tUSDT (Teleported USDT) $FUSD

If you would like us to add support for another token, please let us know in Discord

How to Acquire / Sell Supported Tokens Under Different Scenarios:

Scenario 1: Have fiat, need Flow tokens


  1. Purchase FLOW on Coinbase

  2. Transfer FLOW to Flow Reference Wallet or Blocto

  3. Keep FLOW or convert to desired Flow-based token using Increment

Most Direct (Restricted to Blocto):

  1. Open Blocto app

  2. Navigate to Wallet

  3. Click “+” to add [target Flow token]

  4. Select [target Flow token] from wallet

  5. Select Buy and follow prompts


  1. Create a Kraken account on the website or mobile app

  2. Search and select FLOW

  3. Click ‘new order’ and input the desired amount

  4. Attempt to confirm the transaction and select the preferred payment method

  5. When the transaction is finalized, the FLOW will appear in your Kraken account

  6. Click on funding at the top of the Kraken home page (Withdraw crypto from Kraken to a wallet -> helpful post)

  7. Select withdrawal and search for the currency you wish to withdraw

  8. Input your Flow wallet address and the withdrawal amount

  9. Click withdraw and confirm the transaction

  10. The funds will appear in your wallet shortly thereafter

Scenario 2: Have crypto, need Flow-based token

As of May 19, 2022, users in many countries can use Coinbase to purchase FLOW. For some, selling other crypto and purchasing FLOW via Coinbase may be the easiest option.

To swap Ethereum tokens to Flow tokens, you need to convert crypto to USDC first

  1. Go to Uniswap

  2. Connect Ethereum wallet

  3. Swap crypto for USDC (Ethereum version)

  4. Confirm the swap - you will be charged a gas fee for this transaction

Transfer USDC from Ethereum to Flow

  1. Sign in with a Blocto or Flow Reference wallet

  2. Connect an Ethereum wallet (containing USDC)

  3. Input USDC in ‘from’ and USDC in ‘to’

  4. Enable USDC

  5. Approve USDC

  6. Bridge (may take 5–10 minutes)

Swap USDC for other Flow tokens

  1. Input USDC in ‘from’ and [target token] in ‘to’ and confirm the swap

Scenario 3: Have one type of Flow token, need another type of Flow token

  1. Go to Increment

  2. Sign in with your Flow wallet

  3. Input [token you have] in ‘from’ and [target token] in ‘to’

  4. Click swap

  5. Confirm the swap

Scenario 4: Have Flow-based token, need Ethereum-based tokens

Swapping for Eth-based tokens

  1. Go to Increment

  2. Swap Flow-based token for USDC

  3. Input USDC in ‘from’ and USDC in ‘to’

  4. Confirm the swap

  5. Open Uniswap

  6. Swap USDC for desired token — there will be a gas fee

Scenario 5: Have Flow token, need fiat


  1. Convert Flow token to FLOW

  2. Send to Coinbase

  3. Sell -> withdraw


  1. Go to Increment

  2. Swap Flow token for FLOW (skip if you have FLOW already)

  3. Send FLOW to an exchange (Kraken, Kucoin, etc)

  4. Sell FLOW and send proceeds to bank

Scenario 6: Have Dapper Balance, need Flow tokens

Easiest (for users with this feature enabled):

  1. Open Dapper Wallet

  2. Select “Home”

  3. Select “Withdraw Balance”

  4. Withdraw to USDC on Flow

  5. Use USDC or swap to desired token on Flow via Increment


  1. Open Dapper Wallet

  2. Select “Home”

  3. Select “Withdraw Balance”

  4. Withdraw to USDC on Ethereum

  5. Send USDC to Coinbase

  6. Sell USDC on Coinbase

  7. Buy FLOW on Coinbase


  1. Open Dapper Wallet

  2. Select “Home”

  3. Select “Withdraw Balance”

  4. Withdraw to USDC on Ethereum

  5. Bridge USDC (Eth) to USDC (Flow) via Celer Bridge

  6. Use USDC (Flow) or swap to desired token on Flow via Increment

Scenario 7: Have Flow-based token, need Dapper balance


  1. Convert tokens to FLOW via Increment

  2. Send FLOW to Coinbase

  3. Sell FLOW

  4. Deposit fiat in Dapper balance or purchase USDC (eth) and deposit Dapper balance


  1. Go to Increment

  2. Swap Flow token for USDC (Flow) (skip if you already have USDC)

  3. Select ‘connect Ethereum wallet’ and connect your wallet

  4. Input USDC in ‘from’ and USDC in ‘to’

  5. Confirm the swap

  6. Deposit USDC to Dapper balance

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