Secondary Marketplace Fees

This post is subject to change and will be updated as needed. Any change to our fee structure will be accompanied by an announcement in our Discord


There are three different fees/royalties assessed on Flowty’s secondary marketplace:

  • Creator Royalty

  • Flowty Fee

  • Dapper Wallet Fee

Just like on NBA Top Shot’s marketplace, on Flowty all fees are assessed on a Seller’s proceeds. If a Seller lists an NFT for $100, a Buyer pays $100 to receive the NFT with no additional fees. The $100 is then allocated between applicable fees/royalties and the Seller’s proceeds.

Creator Royalty (Not a Flowty Fee)

A variable fee that is transferred directly to the creator of an NFT collection

Flowty Fee

A fee charged by Flowty for providing secondary marketplace services. Unless a promotion states otherwise, the Flowty Fee is 2.0% on all secondary marketplace transactions.

The Dapper Wallet Fee if currently on hold and not being assessed

Dapper Wallet Fee (Not a Flowty Fee)

The Dapper Wallet Fee is a fee assessed and collected by Dapper Labs on all Dapper Balance secondary transactions

The fee is calculated as the greater of: i) 1% of Purchase Price and ii) $0.44

In short, the minimum Dapper Wallet Fee is $0.44 on a Dapper Balance sale and will never be lower than 1% of an NFT sale price.

Users can avoid this fee by using any of the other currencies available on Flowty outside of Dapper Balance. If a user lists a moment in USDC, FLOW or Dapper FLOW, no Dapper Wallet Fee will be assessed.


Please feel free to contact us via Discord with any questions regarding the calculation of rental fees

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