Supported Crypto Wallets

A list of crypto wallets that are supported on Flowty

  1. Dapper Wallet

    • "Dapper is a digital wallet that lets you access and interact with your NFTs on the Flow blockchain. It performs all traditional wallet functions, such as funds storage and sales transaction processing, but with one major difference—Dapper is also a decentralized app that lives on the Flow blockchain, just like your NFTs. Think of it as a key that lets you discover and secure your digital assets. In a broader sense, Dapper is one of the easiest ways to access Web3." (Source)

    • Please note: Dapper Wallet can only be used to buy/sell NFTs on Flowty. We hope to integrate Flowty Rentals and Flowty Loans with Dapper Wallet soon.

  2. Blocto

    • "Unleashing the full potential of blockchain technology has never been easier. Manage your crypto, dApps, and NFT all-in-once through Blocto, the cross-chain crypto wallet." (Source)

  3. Lilico

    • "Lilico is the first non-custodial wallet on Flow blockchain. As a Flow Client Library (FCL) compatible wallet, Lilico enables you to access Web 3.0, NFTs, tokens and dApps.

      In prioritizing your privacy, Lilico gives you full control over your assets. Lilico also allows you to explore all that Web3 has to offer to make your overall experience easy, fun and secure." (Source)

  4. Flipper

    • "A wallet for your favorite blockchain apps and games." (Source)

  5. NuFi

    • "NuFi is a non-custodial Hardware-wallet-friendly staking, management, and secure storage solution for your Flow tokens. NuFi will allow you to view your Flow NFTs in a well-designed NFT gallery and store them securely. Moreover, you will be able to connect to your favorite Flow dApps without compromising privacy or control (similar to MetaMask, coming soon)." (Source)

Please let us know in Discord if you would like to see us add support a specific wallet.

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