3rd Party Valuation Providers

In order to assist flowty's users in determining terms for new listings and assessing rental and loan listings, flowty displays metrics from 3rd party providers throughout the platform

Importantly, all valuations and other metrics on flowty do not represent financial advice and are for informational purposes only. They are based on calculations and models that may have errors, are subject to downtime, may yield different results than alternative sources, and are not intended to be used as the basis for any financial decisions. Flowty and the 3rd party platforms listed below do not guarantee the accuracy of valuations. Users should always do their own research on all flowty decisions.

The following are the third party valuations providers that we currently support:

  1. Own the Moment (NBA Top Shot + NFL All Day)

    1. Learn more here

  2. Collective / MomentRanks (NBA Top Shot)

    1. Learn more here

  3. Flov.dev (Flovatar)

    1. Learn more here

    2. As of November 25, 2022 (subject to change), the valuation estimate was a build-up of the component parts of a Flovatar, based on current floor prices of the components

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