Owner Risks

The following is a non-comprehensive list of risks that an Owner should consider before and when interacting with Flowty.

  1. Your Rented-Out NFT significantly increases in value during Rental Term and is now worth more than your deposit: Renter chooses not to return the NFT.

    • We encourage Owners to set a deposit amount that ensures you are properly compensated should a Renter choose not to return your NFT.

    • The Renter has no obligation to return your NFT, but a sufficient deposit will always act as an incentive for the Renter to return the asset.

    • Markets are volatile, so please consider the possibility that a Renter will be financially motivated to not return your NFT.

  2. During the Rental Term, you realize you need your NFT back.

    1. There is no way to retrieve an NFT that has been rented out before a Renter chooses to return the NFT.

    2. It is also possible that the Renter does not return your NFT and you receive the deposit (after applicable royalties & fees).

    3. We encourage Owners to set a rental term that aligns with your potential needs to have the NFT back and to consider the possibility that you will receive tokens back in place of the NFT.

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