Do I need to sign up with Flowty to buy or sell?

If you have a Top Shot or All Day account, you are already signed up for Flowty. Flowty is integrated with Dapper Wallet, so you can use the same exact sign in and wallet on Flowty that you do on Top Shot or All Day.

If it is your first time using the Flow blockchain, you can sign up for a wallet via Flowty's Sign In menu

Why can I only purchase Dapper Balance listings from my Dapper Wallet?

Only Dapper Wallets can purchase Dapper Balance and Dapper FLOW listings. Similarly, only Non-Dapper Wallets can purchase USDC and FLOW listings.

Is there a way for me to verify that I am buying the right NFT?

There are two methods that buyers can use to validate that an NFT listing is for the correct authenticated NFT. Buyers can evaluate the metadata (properties) on an NFT's listing/asset page and ensure it matches the target NFT. Buyers can also utilize the External URL link from an NFT's page. As long as the NFT's metadata is accurate, the External URL will take you to the NFT's page on the native platform.

What is the difference between FLOW and Dapper FLOW?

While worth the same amount, FLOW and Dapper FLOW are not the exact same. Dapper Wallets cannot store traditional crypto tokens. Instead, Dapper Wallets support something called Flow Utility Token (or FUT) that represents FLOW tokens (think poker chip). For simplicity, we refer to FUT as "Dapper FLOW" on Flowty.

Please note:

  • Dapper Flow can only be used when connected to Flowty with a Dapper Wallet

  • FLOW can only be used when connected to Flowty with a Non-Dapper Wallet

Where can I find my newly acquired NFT?

If purchasing via Dapper Wallet, your NFT will be immediately visible on Top Shot or All Day or wherever you typically view your Dapper Wallet holdings. On Flowty, you can navigate to your Profile to see all of the NFTs in your connected wallet.

How do I transfer an NFT from my Blocto wallet to my NBA Top Shot account (Dapper Wallet)?

You can transfer an NFT directly from Flowty's Profile. Navigate to your Profile (via the dropdown menu), select an NFT, click "Transfer", input your Dapper Wallet address, and press Submit.

How long does it take for a purchased NFT to appear in my wallet?

Blockchain transactions can take a few minutes to process. If you do not see the NFT after five minutes, please confirm that the transaction was successful by inputting your wallet address on Flowdiver. If the transaction was successful and you still do not see the NFT, please open a ticket in our Discord (via #Support).

What fees are assessed when I purchase an NFT on Flowty?

There are no fees charged to secondary marketplace buyers on Flowty. Read more about secondary marketplace fees here.

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