Renter Risks

The following is a non-comprehensive list of risks that a Renter should consider before and when interacting with Flowty:

  1. Unable to complete a Topshot challenge or fulfill other purposes of the rental.

    • Once an NFT is rented, the smart contract dictates the outcome of the rental (Return or Default).

    • There is no way to change or extend the duration of the rental, even if the underlying reason for the rental is delayed or canceled.

  2. Renter is unable to return NFT in time due to loss of access to wallet or a technical issue.

    • Please opt in for "Auto Return" to reduce the likelihood of a technical issue interrupting the return of a rented NFT.

    • Before you rent an NFT, please be sure you are familiar with the process of returning the NFT, including how to transfer the NFT back to the same wallet from which the rental was made.

    • Flowty cannot assist if there is an issue with accessing your wallet.

    • Flowty will do our best to communicate early and often if there are widespread technical issues or downtime on Flowty itself or in other parts of the ecosystem that may impact a Renter's ability to return an NFT.

  3. Renter forgets to return NFT before the end of the rental term.

    • We require an email address to be saved to your user profile to ensure that our reminders and notifications are received by Renters.

    • Subject to any technical issues, we will send several notifications before the end of a rental term.

    • Please always monitor your outstanding rentals and do not solely rely on Flowty's notifications.

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