How do I transfer an NFT from Dapper Wallet to Blocto?

See Steps 1-8 from this NBA Top Shot blog post. These steps apply to any NFT that is in your Dapper wallet, not just NBA Top Shot.

Need help finding a specific moment in your Dapper wallet? This tool will bring you directly to the moment you would like to withdraw.

Note: As discussed in Step 7 in the blog post, the first time you transfer an NFT from Dapper wallet to Blocto, there is a one-time 24-hour review period. Subsequent transfers will be instant.

What is the right rental fee for my listing?

The rental fee is entirely your decision and there is no "right" or "wrong" way to think about it. One helpful framework is to put yourself in the Renter's shoes and consider what the Renter wants to accomplish with the rental and what that may be worth to them.

For the purposes of an NBA Top Shot challenge, it may make sense to view the rental fee as a percentage of the reward rather than of the NFT that is being rented out.

What is the right deposit for my listing?

If the Renter does not return your NFT before the end of the rental term, the refundable deposit will automatically be sent to your wallet. As such, the deposit should be thought of as an amount that you would be comfortable receiving instead of getting your NFT back from the Renter.

Some Owners may be comfortable with a deposit near the current market value. Others may prefer a cushion above the current market value.

As part of the listing process, to the extent we have the information available, we will attempt to provide you with a 3rd-party valuation of your underlying NFT and a ratio of the deposit to the value of the asset. The higher the ratio, the greater the incentive for a Renter to return the asset.

What is the right duration for my listing?

While every situation is unique, it might be helpful for an Owner to consider the purpose of a rental and ensure the duration works well from the Renter's perspective. As an example, if an NBA Top Shot challenge ends in 5 days, it might be attractive to a Renter to have 6+ days to return the NFT.

Always keep in mind that the longer the duration, the more likely an NFT is to drastically increase or decrease in value, which may alter a Renter's desire to return the NFT.

What is the best way to see my outstanding rentals?

Navigate to Wallet > Activity > Rentals > Owner. Rentals classified as “RENTED” are active rentals. Users can filter by RENTED to more easily see outstanding rentals.

Am I guaranteed to get my NFT back?

No. If the Renter returns the NFT before the end of the rental term, you will receive your NFT and keep your share of the rental fee. If the Renter does not return your NFT by the end of the rental term, you will receive your share of the refundable deposit instead of your NFT.

Please note that if the rented NFT increases in value during the rental term, it is possible that the Renter will choose not to return the NFT.

What are the fees associated with Flowty Rentals?

Read more about fees here

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