How to Loan Funds on Flowty (Step by Step)

First Visit to Flowty

  1. If you have any questions or uncertainties following your review of the posts, please visit our Discord

  2. Connect any non-Dapper Wallet (Dapper Wallets only support buy/sell transactions) to Flowty

  3. Save your email address — users are required to save an email address to their profile for notification purposes

Step by Step

  1. Connect a Non-Dapper Wallet (Dapper Wallets only support buy/sell transactions)

  2. Navigate to Marketplace -> Filter by Loans

  3. Review available loan listings in the Marketplace (please see the Glossary for an explanation of terms)

  4. If you identify a loan that you believe offers adequate compensation given the risk profile of the underlying collateral, select the listing in the Marketplace to see additional detail

  5. If you would like to proceed with funding the listing, select “Fund”

  6. Approve the transaction in your wallet and fund the listing

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