How to Rent an NFT on Flowty (Step by Step)

  1. Navigate to

  2. Connect any non-Dapper Wallet (Dapper Wallets only support buy/sell transactions) to Flowty

  3. Go to Marketplace -> Filter by Rentals

  4. Identify a rental listing that meets your needs (note: as long as you return the rented NFT on time, the refundable deposit is 100% refundable)

  5. Select rental listing, click "Rent" and approve transaction

  6. The NFT is now in your wallet and can be used however you see fit

  7. You can transfer the NFT to another wallet directly from your Flowty profile

  8. If you return the NFT on time, you will receive your refundable deposit back in full

  9. If you do not return the NFT on time, you will forfeit your refundable deposit


Check out our Renter FAQ or join our Discord and ask for help

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