How to Use Marketplace Filters

We've updated our Marketplace filters and sorting process to make for a more precise browsing experience.

Using Filters

The Filter tray is located on the left-hand side of the screen on desktop and at the top of the results on mobile. The Filters are split up by:

  1. Traits: Select the dropdown in each collection to search for specific traits.

  2. Serial Range: You can filter for a range of serials or a specific serial (by setting min / max of the same number)

  3. Listing Types: Search for NFTs available for purchase, loan, or rental. If "Show All" is selected, all listed and unlisted NFTs will appear. In the "Buy Now" dropdown, you can enter filters for Min-Max Purchase Price, FMV, and Discount %.

  4. Wallets/Currencies: You may search for listings available on all wallets, or search for listings on either Dapper Wallet or Non-Dapper Wallets (Blocto, Lilico).

Sorting Options

When "Buy Now" is selected as the Listing Type, you can sort by:

  • Recently Listed

  • Serial

  • Price

  • FMV

  • Discount to FMV

Save Your Search Filters

After you have entered as many or as few search parameters as you desire, click the Floppy Disk icon at the top of the Filters menu to save your search, giving it an appropriate name (i.e. "S2 Lebron's Sub-$1k 5% Discount" or "Jester Hat Jolly Jokers"). When you return to the Marketplace, use the "Select a View" dropdown to view your Saved Searches.

Note: You must be connected to a wallet to save a search filter.

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