How do I know whether a listing is a good deal?

While we cannot provide advice on any specific listing, two of our posts may be helpful to review while analyzing a listing: How to Value and Price Loan Listings on Flowty and Lender Use Cases and Potential Strategies. The NBA Top Shot ecosystem also benefits from having some fantastic analytical platforms supporting the collection.

For information on historical sales, valuation estimates, trends, and more, check out: MomentRanks, Own the Moment (OTM), Evaluate Market, or LiveToken. Please note that the preceding are third-party, independent platforms and flowty cannot guarantee the accuracy of the information and analytics.

On March 25, 2022, flowty added MomentRanks LTV as a metric in the marketplace, which can be a useful tool for Lenders. Read more about MR LTV here.

Note: we will add links to platforms that support Ballerz and other Flow-based NFT valuations as soon as we have the information available to us

What is the best way to see my outstanding loans?

Navigate to Wallet > Activity > Loans > Lender. Loans classified as “FUNDED” are active loans. Users can filter by FUNDED to more easily see outstanding loans.

Is it possible to receive my capital back before a Borrower repays?

No, you will not have access to the capital until the Borrower repays the loan. Please ensure that you consider potential liquidity needs between funding and loan maturity. In addition, please remember that if the Borrower defaults, you will receive collateral in lieu of repayment.

How do I claim collateral following a defaulted loan?

The collateral is automatically sent to your connected wallet. There is no need for any action.

Will I receive notifications about outstanding loans?

Yes. Unless we have technical issues, you will receive several notifications during the course of a loan. Please monitor your listings and loans and do not solely rely on flowty’s notifications.

The value of the collateral fell below the loan amount during the loan term, is there anything I can do?

Unfortunately, a Lender may experience a loss on defaulted loans in which the collateral value fell below the loan amount during the loan term. There is no way to reclaim capital if a Borrower defaults.

The Borrower has defaulted and I received collateral instead of a repayment. How do I sell the collateral?

There are a number of marketplaces on Flow, including VIV3 and BloctoBay, that support NBA Top Shot and other Flow-based NFTs. Users can also transfer Top Shot moments back to their Dapper wallet to sell in Top Shot’s marketplace.

What is the best way to add funds to my Blocto wallet?

Please see our post on moving between fiat and various cryptocurrencies.

Is there a Borrower credit score or flowty score available?

Flowty does not offer any score or rating based on a Borrowers’ history. Given the nature of the platform, if we did offer some sort of credit score, it would be fairly simple for a malicious Borrower to manipulate the score by issuing and repaying loans to himself.

We will organize and synthesize publicly available data and information about Borrowers and Lenders, but, based on the aforementioned concerns regarding validity of a user’s transaction history, we encourage users to focus on the underlying collateral rather than the counterparty when considering a loan.

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