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Welcome to Flowty!
Flowty is a platform that builds tools and services for NFT collectors, investors, traders, creators and builders on the Flow blockchain. Today, Flowty offers the following peer-to-peer (P2P) services:
  • Secondary Marketplace
  • NFT Loans
  • NFT Rentals
Secondary Marketplace is where users can buy and sell their favorite NFTs. Read more about the secondary marketplace here.
NFT Loans can be thought of as a P2P pawn shop for NFTs. NFT owners can secure a personal loan using their NFTs as collateral. Anyone can fund loans and generate a return on capital with the downside protection of securing an NFT.
Read more about Borrower use cases here. Read more about Lender strategies here.
NFT Rentals allow users to *safely* rent NFTs from other users.
Read more about Flowty rentals here.
Table of Contents:
Secondary Marketplace: comprehensive guide of Flowty's buy/sell secondary marketplace
P2P NFT Rentals: comprehensive guide of Flowty's rental feature
P2P NFT Personal Loans: comprehensive guide of Flowty's personal loan feature
General Platform: reference materials for the general platform
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