Spring 2023 Recap

Sunglasses on Flowty Fam, it's summertime and the Web3 temp is heating up...

The last few months gave us some exciting updates across the Flow Blockchain: Cryptoys launched their Star Wars collection, Emerald City launched Toucans for individuals and groups to start forming DAOs, Doodles teamed up with Pharrell, Hot Wheels dropped Fast & Furious-themed NFTs, NBA Top Shot had a slam dunk with their Redemptions campaign, and lots more! And we've been right in the thick of things here at Flowty, pushing out some major updates to our platform and marketplace, thanks to our fantastic development team and our loyal user base, providing feedback and encouragement at every turn. Here's a quick recap of our busy spring:

Marketplace Filter Updates

We've made the browsing experience more intuitive and enjoyable, better organizing the way Collections, Traits, and other items are displayed. We've also added more Min-Max parameters and more ways to sort.

Perhaps the fan-favorite update so far is, however, the new Save Filter Preset function. Users can now save any filter preset they want. Whether you're simply looking for Series 1 LeBron James moments or you want a Jolly Joker under $150 with a purple background and golden jester hat, save your search and return to it at any time.

New Viewing Grid

A simple but effective UI update, the marketplace grid can now be viewed with larger thumbnails at 3x across, or smaller thumbnails at 4x across.

Roham Asked, Flowty Delivered

Did you miss our one-day turnaround of Roham's serial number filter request? A perfect example of turning community feedback into quick execution, we've added filter support for those searching for No. 1 serials, Jersey serials, and Perfect serials on NBA Top Shot moments. Credit to @Bullshotting for planting the seed and to our dev team for making it happen so quickly!

Offers & Fair Market Value

Users can now make offers on any NFT on Flowty, a function unavailable on many other Flow marketplaces. Users can make offers from their Dapper or non-Dapper wallet using Dapper Balance, USDC, FLOW, and $LOPPY. It gets a bit better though, as users can even make offers on unlisted items not up for purchase. If you're not seeing something you like up for sale, simply head to the Collections page and use the filters to see ALL items in the Collection, including those not listed for sale. You can check out the replay of our Office Hours covering the topic.

In the words of many an infomercial... but wait! There's more! Shortly after rolling out our offers feature, we implemented Own The Moment's True Value Model for listed NBA Top Shot and NFL All Day moments. Users can now see the 3rd party FMV alongside a moment's Best Offer and Purchase Price. A final addition benefits both buyers and sellers: the green discount badge. For both browsers and dealhunters, any NBA Top Shot or NFL All Day moment listed at 5% or below FMV will display a green discount badge. For buyers, it's an easy way to spot the better deals. For sellers, it's an easy way to get more eyes on your listing! You can check out the replay of our Office Hours covering FMV.

Landing Page Redesign

Our homepage has a new look! A big shoutout to our designer Eugene for the sleek look, smooth scrolling, and the addition of our "New On Flowty" section, highlighting any recent updates, current promotions, or new collections added. Here's a helpful thread on the new landing page.

Flowty Live

In an effort to bring more interaction, entertainment, and information to the community, we've increased our video and livestream content in the form of Flowty Live: our way of spotlighting collections more clearly, keeping a pulse on the community more accurately, and delivering tutorials and information more efficiently. In case you missed some of our inaugural livestreams, check 'em out here:

Community Roundtable: Sports in Web 3 with Alex Baker

Collection Spotlight: aiSports

Community Roundtable: Legendary Chat with Treaticus

Community Roundtable: Alxo's Journey & the Origins of $LOPPY

Thanks for reading!

As always, we want to thank the community and users for their encouragement and feedback. You are what keeps the Flow ecosystem alive! Be sure to follow the Flowty Twitter account, the Sales Bot, and subscribe to the YouTube Channel! And if you're not in our Discord, you can hop in here and keep up with more of our updates!

We're collecting some feedback and responses from our users and have a feedback form below. We will hold Flowty hat giveaways for every 50 responses collected until we no longer accept responses (TBD).

Thanks, Flowty Fam!

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