Announcing: Flowty Adding Support for Entire Flow NFT Catalog

As of January 3, 2023, we have expanded support for Flowty Loans and Flowty Rentals to the entire Flow NFT Catalog

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Flowty now supports the entire NFT Catalog on Flow for Loans and Rentals. The NFT Catalog is a universal standard that allows an NFT Collection Owner to “unlock interoperability of [their] NFT across the Flow ecosystem.”

In short, if an NFT collection is part of the NFT Catalog on Flow, Flowty now supports the collection for Loans and Rentals. Here is a list of collections that are part of the NFT Catalog.

Why is this important?

One of the greatest benefits of blockchain and NFT technology is the ability for NFTs to be “plug and play” across a vast variety of platforms with no customization, exceptions, special care or workarounds needed. In other words, builders can develop platforms and services that will automatically function properly with any standard-abiding NFT.

Striving for an open, transparent and collector-friendly ecosystem

As a leading platform on Flow, we believe it is our responsibility to set an example for how the Flow ecosystem should evolve and mature. Within the bounds of any legal and regulatory restrictions, owners of NFTs should be free to interact with any and all standard-abiding platforms, transfer NFTs between any wallets and do anything else that an owner may want to do. In the absence of the preceding, do owners really have full ownership of their NFTs?

In order to ensure we are leading by example, Flowty is taking a step that we hope other platforms will follow. We have opened our doors to the entirety of the NFT Catalog. Moving forward, any NFT collection that is included in the Flow NFT Catalog will be supported on Flowty. Collections will no longer need to work directly with Flowty for their NFTs to be supported and for their collectors to be able to use Flowty's Loans and Rentals. We hope that this decision helps move the ecosystem in the right direction. Fewer restrictions and true ownership is paramount.

As active and passionate collectors of NFTs ourselves, we understand the importance of and are committed to promoting an open, transparent and collector-first ecosystem.

What collections are now on Flowty?

The complete list can be found here

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