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Commonly used presets and filter settings for you to save to your profile. Published June 20, 2023.


Our Save Custom View feature has been a user favorite since its installation last month, so it's time for a quick revisit! Users can now save their filter presets and searches and return to them any time to continue browsing with a single click. Check out Flowty Twitter for preset suggestions from time to time or continue reading for a list of popular filters to save to your Flowty Custom Views.

Note: This post will be updated occasionally with new recommended presets.

The Details

Filtering and saving those presets are simple but useful functions, especially as more collections arrive on Flow and more sets and moments are minted across Dapper Sports. Part of our design philosophy at Flowty is to keep all types of collectors in mind... the big spenders, the flippers, the browsers, the rookie collectors, the deal hunters, the stackers and the accumulators; so for us, building out and improving on a reliable filter menu was critical. And as the number of NFTs on Flow continues to grow, it was just as important for us to add a Save Search function. As collectors, we know both the excitement of going down the NFT rabbit hole and the frustration of forgetting how you got there...

By using our Save Preset link, all it takes is one click of the mouse to save the current Filter & Sort settings. Create up to 50 Saved Searches and access them with a single click. It's a perfect way to personalize your browsing experience on Flowty and an easy way to check back in on your favorite NFTs.

It's important to note that certain items or traits cannot be filtered because they are not on-chain. For example, badges on NBA Top Shot and NFL All Day are NOT on-chain; therefore, at this point we cannot include them in our filters. Below, however, you will find some workarounds.

As a reminder, here are a few recent enhancements and upgrades we made to our Filters, each of which you can incorporate into your searches and Save Presets:

  • NBA Top Shot Serial Search (No. 1, Jersey, Perfect)

  • Discount to Fair Market Value (FMV)

  • $LOPPY listings

In Action

For Challenges

Trying to pick up that last piece to complete a challenge? Don't want to re-input the filters to find the player every time you search? Simply save a search down for the specific moment and use the saved filter to check in on pricing with one click.

For Deal Hunting

Perhaps the current favorite use-case for saving Custom View is deal hunting. Users can incorporate price and discount filters based on our Discount to FMV calculation for Top Shot & All Day moments. Deal hunters can save filters with a minimum purchase price (to filter out trade tickets), a favorite player, a hometown team or anything else...and then layer on the sort by Discount to FMV to find the best deals. To make it even easier for users, we have badges on moments that are listed at least 5% below FMV.

Examples: "Rookie Revelation 7%+ Discount," "Giannis Rares $25-$500 5%+ Discount," "Series 2 10%+ Discount"

For Personal Favorites

Use the filters to save searches on personal favorites, whether it's a specific player, perfect serials, favorite play type, etc.

Examples: "LeBron Moments under $200," "S1 Bulls Moments," "76ers Perfect Serials," "Splash Bros only"

For Non-Dapper Sports

An easy and common use is when collectors are specifically seeking out a trait or perhaps want to see similar traits side by side.

Examples: "All Jolly Joker Jester Hats Sub-$250," "Green/Yellow Flovatar Explosion Background," "Jungle Background Shaqs on aiSports"

All the following presets are sorted by "Discount to FMV." If you would like to sort it differently in your Preset, please do so before saving the preset to your profile.

Note: This post will be updated occasionally with new recommended presets. Flowty User Submissions are Custom Views submitted by a user.

NBA Top Shot

Preset: WNBA-Only

Preset: S1 Rookies

Preset: S2 Rookies

Preset: S3 Rookies

Preset: S4 Rookies

Preset: Rookie Debut Series 1

Preset: Rookie Debut Series 4

NFL All Day

Preset: Skill-Position Players

Preset: Defense

Preset: Special Teams Plays

Flowty User Submissions

Coming Soon

Thanks for reading!

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